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Manappuram Gold Loan

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What is a Gold Loan? Gold loans are secured loans where the consumer offers the gold jewellery they own as a deposit against the money they will receive.

Why Gold Loan is better than Personal Loan? You may borrow up to 5 crore rupees with a gold loan, compared to a personal loan's disbursement limit of merely 40 lakh.

People have been persuaded to use gold loans rather than personal loans due to their cheaper interest rates.

What are the gold loan regulations? According to the RBI's gold loan regulations, banks and NBFCs may loan up to 90% of the value of the gold jewellery.

What is the manappuram gold loan procedure? You must bring your gold jewellery (with a karat range of 18 to 24 k) to the branch to apply for the loan.

What is the term of a gold loan in Manappuram? Interest rates range from 9.90% to 24.00% per year for terms of 6 to 12 months.

Is borrowing gold from Manappuram safe? Manappuram Finance is pleased to be the provider of gold loans with the lowest interest rates.

What is the per gram rate for a gold loan? Optimal Manappuram Gold Loan 22-karat gold is priced per gram at between ₹2,900 and ₹3,450.

If a gold loan is not repaid after a year, what happens? The lender may at the risk and expense of the borrower, sell the gold in a public auction.

Late payment charges When the loan term has ended, the company will be able to charge past-due interest at a rate of 3% per year.

Online Gold Loan App You may apply for a gold loan using the Manappuram OGL app at any time, from any location, even while lounging at home

For all of your financial needs, make it your dependable partner. Manappuram Finance makes it simple to go digital.


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