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Google Launched Google Wallet in India

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अगले स्लाइड के लिए स्क्रीन टैप करें

Users will be able to keep everything from payment methods to digital car keys in Google Wallet. It is intended to improve user security and convenience.

What is  Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a new Android app that lets users store everything from payment services to tickets to immunisation information.

New service for Android users

Users will be able to store credentials (such as boarding passes and student IDs), payment methods, and access tokens in Google Wallet.

What can be  stored in it

It would also allow them to keep vaccine records, which will make it easier for them to gain admission to facilities that need confirmation of vaccination.

Store vaccine records

The business claims that future versions will enable mobile driver's licences, hotel keys, and office credentials.

Future iterations

Google Pay will continue to exist, according to Google's VP of commerce and payments, but only as a payment and financial services app.

Google Pay vs Wallet

In India, Google Wallet will not be available. Because Google Pay already has a large part of the market and is heavily used by Indians.

Will it be  available in India?

The Google Wallet is now open source, which implies that any developer can use it and contribute to its improvement.

Open wallet

You may save your credit or debit card in your Google Wallet and use it to pay for things in stores using Google Pay.


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