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HDFC Moneyback Credit Card

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In India, the well-known entry-level credit card HDFC Money Back provides cashback on all purchases.

What is MoneyBack Credit Card

On every retail purchase and 2 reward points on online purchases, the HDFC MoneyBack credit card delivers rewards.

How much reward points

In comparison to the annual charge, the perks offered by this credit card are fairly good. You are in charge of deciding if it is a wise choice for you.

Beneficial than annual fee

The good news is that you may turn earned reward points into cashback, a feature that is uncommon and typically not offered on basic credit cards.

Convert reward points in cashback

For every Rs. 150 you spend on any item across all categories, you can earn 2 reward points. Moreover, online purchases of Rs 150 earn 4 reward points.

Earn reward points

One reward point you receive is worth Rs. 0.20, thus 100 points are worth Rs. 20 in cashback. It can be turned into cashback.

1 reward point means Rs. 0.20

Reward points must have a minimum balance of 2,500 before they can be applied to a statement balance. Only multiples of 500 can be converted into cashback from points.

Minimum balance

Additional advantages provided by this credit card include no lost card liability, a waiver of the fuel surcharge, an EMI option, and many more.

Other Benefits

You receive Instant Cash Backs with the Super Saver Card on each and every purchase. Spending Rewards with the HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card.


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