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What is  GIC Housing Finance?

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GIC Housing Finance Ltd was founded in 1993 in its current form. It provides direct loans to both individuals and businesses.

What is  GIC Housing Finance?

GIC Housing Finance Limited takes pleasure in offering custom-made home loan packages while keeping their primary goal in mind.

Objective of company

Individual Housing Loans are available with interest rates ranging from 9.10 percent to 12.50 percent. It is determined by the credit history, loan amount, and loan term.

Interest rate

GIC also offers services such as Home Improvement Loans, Composite Loans, Home Extension Loans, and Affordable Home Loans.

Loan facilities

Unlike banks, GICHCL is a Housing Finance Company and is not subject to the MCLR regime, which is connected to the RBI Repo Rate.

Doesn't fall in  MCLR rule

GIC provides the borrower with free accidental death insurance as well as free property insurance against fire and related damages.

Loan benefits

If the monthly loan payments or EMI is affordable and a percentage of the cost of the property meets the eligibility conditions, the loan can be obtained.

Eligibility criteria

Income proof, KYC paperwork, property documents such as land ownership documents, registration and stamp duty receipts, and other documents are included.


GIC Housing Finance now has a significant presence in insurance as well as all Home Loan products. Their home loan solutions packages cover all aspects of home ownership.


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