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What is  Amazon Pay Later?

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Amazon Pay Later is a hassle-free solution to earn fast credit for EMI purchases on through an entirely digital approach.

What is  Amazon Pay Later?

You are not required to give credit card information. After you've completed the setup, you can use Amazon Pay Later to pay for your purchases on

Complete the setup

Yes, they are identical.  The Amazon Pay EMI service has been renamed Amazon Pay Later. Amazon Pay Private Limited makes it available to you.

Is Amazon Pay Later same as Amazon Pay EMI?

It may be purchased on both mobile and desktop platforms. Account must be "activated" in order to purchase using  Amazon Pay Later.


The lender will make a quick decision on your credit limit.  No credit card information is necessary, there is no processing or cancellation fee.

What are the benefits of Amazon Pay Later?

You must be at least 23 years old. A confirmed mobile number,  a valid PAN card, a bank account, and a valid address proof are all required.

Eligibility criteria

Yes, Amazon Pay balance can be used with Amazon Pay Later. When you utilise Amazon Pay Later, there is no transaction cost.

Can Amazon Pay balance be used along with Amazon Pay Later?

You can use Amazon Pay Later to make numerous purchases up to the limit you were given when you registered.

How many purchases can I have with Amazon Pay Later?

Customers can use this service to get a zero-interest credit on any Amazon India goods. You can check your eligibility and submit an application.


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