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Complete Guide on How To Fill Cheque

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Filling out a cheque involves providing essential information to authorize a payment. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to fill out a cheque:

1. Date: Write the current date on the top right or left corner of the cheque. This is the date when you are issuing the cheque.

2. Payee's Name: Write the name of the person or entity to whom you are making the payment on the "Pay to the order of" line. This can be an individual or a business.

3. Amount in Figures: In the box provided on the right-hand side, write the numerical amount of the cheque using figures. Make sure to start from the left edge to prevent any tampering.

4. Amount in Words: Below the "Pay to the order of" line, write the amount in words. Be clear and precise, and draw a line to prevent any alterations.

5. Signature: Sign the cheque on the line in the bottom right corner. Your signature is essential to authorize the payment.

6. Memo/Description (Optional): You may choose to write a memo or description on the line provided for additional information about the payment. This step is optional.

Always follow the guidelines provided by your bank, and if you have any questions about filling out a cheque, you can contact your bank for assistance.


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