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How to get credit card without cibil score?

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Obtaining a credit card without a credit history or a CIBIL score can be challenging, as credit card issuers typically use credit scores to assess an individual's creditworthiness

Secured Credit Cards: A secured credit card is backed by a security deposit that you provide upfront. This deposit serves as collateral and reduces the risk for the credit card issuer. 

Credit Builder Loans: Some financial institutions offer credit builder loans designed to help individuals establish or improve their credit history. 

Add a Co-Signer: You may consider asking a family member or friend with a good credit history to co-sign your credit card application.

Join a Joint Credit Card Account: Some credit card issuers allow individuals to join a credit card account as an authorized user.

Prepaid Credit Cards: Prepaid credit cards don't require a credit check because they are not credit cards in the traditional sense.

Retail Store CC Some retail stores offer credit cards with relatively lenient eligibility criteria. These cards may have lower credit limits, but they can be easier to obtain with no credit history

Credit Unions: Credit unions are financial institutions that may have more flexible lending criteria compared to traditional banks. Consider checking with credit unions for credit card options.

Alternative Credit Scoring: Some lenders use alternative credit scoring models that take into account factors other than traditional credit history.

Before applying for any credit card, it's crucial to research the specific requirements of the card issuer and understand the terms and conditions.


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