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If you are thinking to invest your money to safe and secured place then this web story will help you to find best way to invest money in India.

10. ---------------------------------- Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) ---------------------------------- Note: Gives returns 8%-14% per annum

9. ---------------------------------- ETF ---------------------------------- Gold Exchange-Traded Funds

8. ---------------------------------- ULIP ---------------------------------- Unit-linked Insurance Plans

7. ---------------------------------- Equity Mutual Funds ---------------------------------- Note: Invest through SEBI-Authorized Companies

6. ---------------------------------- SGB ---------------------------------- Sovereign Gold Bonds

5. ---------------------------------- NPS ---------------------------------- National Pension Scheme

4. ---------------------------------- Government Bonds ---------------------------------- Note: Very Safe Investment

3. ---------------------------------- Post Office Monthly Income Scheme ---------------------------------- Note: Safe Investment Way

2. ---------------------------------- NSC ---------------------------------- National Savings Certificate

1. ---------------------------------- PPF ---------------------------------- Public Provident Fund

I'm hoping this web story will assist you in picking up the best way to invest money in India and make your investing more profitable and risk-free.


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